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Saturday, 3 December 2011



Some people prefer being sarcastic . Why eh ? *sigh . Don't you know how to make things clear ? Just go and tell them what you've felt and what the things that have  made you so unsatisfied about  . Easy right ? Go . Just straight to the point  .Why you've to trouble yourself  by twit-ing around and bring up rumors to everywhere?

 C'mon, be matured .  I't doesn't make any sense okay ? I'm sure everybody will getting  so sick when someone who don't know anything about them trying to judge their life . So pleaseee . Stop being a sarcastic . Stop making a bitchy stuff . Stop talking nonsense . Stop hurting others . Stop doing all the annoying thinggy . Stop finding new enemies .Stop looking for other's mistakes  . And stop crossing your butt in other's line (!) stop . stop . stop (!) 

Get it ? naaah , good . Here i tell you something . You know what ? You're nobody . So am i . We're just a human being . So ordinary and no perfect . So pleaseee , Don't step yourself in other's business , Just mind your own . Easy huh ? So guys , if you have something to say , don't hesitate . Or otherwise , shut the fuck up and keep your mouth offff = ='